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Nov. 25, 2021

Butterfly Valve

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The original butterfly valve was a simple, poorly closed flap valve. It is usually used as a flow regulator and damper valve in water piping systems. With the application of chemically resistant synthetic rubber on the butterfly valve, the performance of the butterfly valve has been improved. Synthetic rubber has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, dimensional stability, good resilience, ease to form, low cost, etc., and can be selected according to different requirements for the use of different properties of synthetic rubber to meet the working conditions of the butterfly valve. Therefore, it is widely used to manufacture the lining and resilient seat of a butterfly valve.

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, not easy to aging, low coefficient of friction, easy to shape, dimensional stability, and other characteristics. And it can also be filled and added with appropriate materials to improve its comprehensive performance, to get better strength, the lower friction coefficient of the butterfly valve sealing material, to overcome some of the limitations of synthetic rubber. Therefore, the polymeric materials represented by PTFE and its filler-modified materials are widely used in butterfly valves. Thus, the performance of butterfly valves has been further improved. There are butterfly valves with a wider temperature and pressure range, sealing performance, and longer service life.,xxxvideo

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To meet the use requirements of industrial applications such as high and low temperature, strong erosion, and long life, metal sealed butterfly valves have been developed greatly in the last decade or so. With the application of high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, strong corrosion-resistance, strong erosion resistance, and high strength alloy materials in butterfly valves, metal sealed butterfly valves have been widely used in industrial fields such as high and low temperature, strong erosion, and long life. The butterfly valve with a large diameter (9750mm), high pressure (2.2kN/cm2), and wide temperature range (-102~606℃) has emerged, thus bringing the technology of the butterfly valve to a whole new level.

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beachhunters,Due to the application of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in the valve industry, the design and manufacture of butterfly valves have reached a whole new level. The comprehensive innovation of the valve design calculation method reduces the heavy and repetitive routine design work of professional and technical personnel. So that technical personnel has more energy to improve the technical performance of the product and the research and development of new products. Shorten the cycle, improve labor productivity. Especially in the field of metal sealed butterfly valves, due to the application of CAD/CAM, there is a three-dimensional seal designed by CAD and manufactured by cAM CNC machining. It makes the sealing surface of the valve free from any extrusion, abrasion, and wears during the opening and closing process, thus increasing the sealing and service life of the butterfly valve by orders of magnitude.

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