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  • DIN cast iron resilient bolted stem gate valve -Yuanda valve

  • DIN cast iron resilient bolted stem gate valve -Yuanda valve

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1. Design and Manufacture: DIN 3352;,doll sex

2. Face to Face: DIN 3202 F4/F5;,xxx masaj hd

niteflirt,3. Flange End: DIN 2532 PN10/16;

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DIN Cast Iron Resilient Sested Non Rising-Stem ses vedios

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Parts NameMaterials
Seat RingGGG50

Soft-sealing gate valve is the replacement of the traditional gate valve, the use of flexible disc produce trace deformation compensation effect, achieve good sealing effect, the valve has the switch light, reliable sealing, elastic memory and long service life etc, can be widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, food, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, textile, energy systems and other fluid on the pipeline as the adjusting and intercepting device is used.,xxx masaj hd

Features: ,lubed videos

xxx kiss sex,● Flat-bottomed seat traditional gate valves are usually deposited in the bottom groove of the valve due to external objects such as stone, wood, cement, paper, debris, etc., after flushing the pipe with water. Cause cannot close tightly and form slack phenomenon, soft-sealing gate valve using the same as the pipe at the bottom of the flat design, not easy to cause debris deposition, the fluid flow unimpeded, the whole package glue valve plate is made of high quality rubber, within the whole outsourcing, domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology make the valve plate after vulcanization can ensure accurate geometry size, and rubber and nodular cast iron gate connecting firm, not easy to fall off and elastic memory preferred.

www pron pic,● The corrosion resistant valve body is painted with powder and epoxy resin to prevent corrosion and rust of the valve body, and can be used in sewage system.

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